Sharp County voters will have two additional ballot items to decide on during the General Election.
Voters will have the opportunity to vote on a one-half of one percent (.50%) sales and use tax for the purpose of financing the cost of a new jail and law enforcement facilities, through a bond issue on the Nov. 6 General Election ballot.
This tax will be for the purpose of paying off the bonds which will finance all or a portion of the cost of a new jail, arraignment room, administrative offices relating to law enforcement and any necessary utility, road and parking improvements related to the jail. This tax, if approved, will expire after the bonds have been paid.
Voters will also decide on a one-quarter of one percent (.25%) sales and use tax to be used to furnish, operate and maintain a new or existing jail and facilities, and to pay and secure the repayment of jail and law enforcement bonds.
According to a fact sheet produced by the University of Arkansas Public Policy Center, Sharp County is proposing to build and equip a new jail and sheriff’s administration office on county-owned property behind the current county jail in Ash Flat.
Voters are being asked to vote on two sales tax proposals and whether to allow the county to issue up to $10,995,000 in bonds to pay for the construction and furnishing of the new jail and law enforcement building. The bond money would also pay for any utility, road or parking improvements. The bond debt would be paid off over 12 to 13 years with money collected from a temporary 1/2 percent sales and use tax that would expire when the debt is paid.
A proposed 1/4 percent sales and use tax would be permanent. The revenue from the tax would be used to pay for operating and maintaining the new jail and sheriff’s office building. The funds could also be used for construction and furnishing the building and to repay any bonds approved by the voters for the facility. The tax proceeds could be used for repairs or improvements at the current jail building as well.

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