A record number of voters turned out for the Midterms Nov. 6, and the same rang true for the tri-county area.
On the average, voter turnout in Izard, Sharp and Fulton counties was 54 percent of registered voters. Statewide turnout was 49 percent, and Republicans topped the win list in both county and state offices.
In Izard County, 1,974 of the county’s 8,068 registered voters had cast ballots by Nov. 5.
In Izard County, Judge Eric Smith kept his seat with 3,342 votes over opponent Warren Skelton with 1,135; Earnie Blackley became Sheriff with 3,501 votes over Rick Kimble with 966; for Collector, Paul D. Womack upset incumbent Marilyn Downing in a close race 2,350 to 2,132. Walter Hagan won Justice of the Peace (JP) District 2 with 262 votes against Thomas W. Rushing with 162; for JP District 3, a runoff was declared between John Walker with 199 and Randy “Hank” Sherrell with 145, Jared Johnson received 98; JP District 4, Willie Moser incumbent, won with 205 over Michelle Graetz with 163; JP District 7, Blake Johnson won with 383 over Brian Biard with 147; for Constable of Gid, Donnie Tate won with 63 over George F. Whitfield with 28.
City of Horseshoe Bend, Craig M. Huckaby won the Mayor’s seat with 60.4% of the vote, 464 votes, over opponent Marty McKnight’s 304; Alderman Ward 3, Pos. 1, George Williamson won with 116 votes to O.G. Minze’s 48. City of Calico Rock, Greg Hamby is the new Mayor beating incumbent Ronald Guthrie 196-173; Alderman: Ward 2, Pos. 1, Steven Lively beat Cynthia L. Wildhagen 195-173; Ward 2, Pos. 2, Howard Jeffery won with 262 over Leon Cheatham’s 103; Ward 4, Pos. 2, Jim King won the seat with 257 votes against Fred Blickle with 109. City of Melbourne, Alderman: Ward 4, Pos. 2, Mike Cone won with 121 over Sonia Blankenship with 97. City of Oxford, Douglas Yancey won the Mayor’s seat against Billy Ray Harris with a vote of 155-72. City of Pineville, Joe Stephen won the Mayor’s seat against opponent Sharon K. Sanders, 41-28.
In Fulton County, 1,876 of the county’s 7,100 registered voters had cast ballots by Nov. 5.
In Fulton County, the Judge’s seat was won by Jim Kendrick with 2,010 votes over incumbent Darrell Zimmer with 1,821; JP District 3, Burton Yarnell kept his seat with 238 votes to opponent Gene McBride’s 204; JP District 5, Johnny Moody incumbent, won over Randy L. Wilson 281-178; JP District 7, Ray Matthew beat Tesa Bishop Nelson incumbent, 275-214; JP District 9, Charles R. Kendrick won with 194 votes over Jimmy Marler incumbent, 127. City of Mammoth Spring, Charles Vaughn won in a close Mayor’s race, with 178 to Jean Pace’s 173; Alderman, Ward 1, Pos. 2, Adam Davis beat Wilma Rogers, 191-158; Ward 2, Pos 1, Frankie Joan Baker won over Carla Parnell 194-146.
In Sharp County, 2,860 of the county’s 11,050 registered voters had cast ballots by Nov. 5.
In Sharp County, Coroner, Renee Clay-Circle, incumbent won with 3,494 over Seth H. Wortham with 2,107; JP District 1, Roger C. Stark incumbent, beat Phillip Sullivan, 388-360; JP District 2, Briana Dilorio incumbent, beat Garry Lawrence 453-274; JP District 5, Tony Vaughn incumbent, beat Ruth Rogers 397-192; JP District 6, Everett McGuire incumbent, won with 284 votes over opponents David R. Cook with 89, and Jackie Pickett with 168. City of Cherokee Village, Russ Stokes kept the Mayor’s seat with 741 votes to Darryl Matson’s 679; City Clerk: Deb Weichinger won with 738 over Billie J. Suiters with 621; Alderman Ward 3, Pos. 2, Stephen D. Thompson won with 938 votes over Paul R. Huensch’s 437. City of Hardy, Ernie Rose won the Mayor’s race over three opponents, getting 206 votes to Nina S. Thornton with 12, Jason Jackson with 71 and Timothy Seeger with 6; Alderman: Ward 1, Pos. 1, Bob Gilliland won 163-124 over Vickie Rice; Ward 1, Pos. 2, Penny Mendes Allen won 160-128 over Laura J. Smith; Ward 2, Pos. 1, Bruce Thurow beat Nimmi Desai 188-100; Ward 2, Pos. 2, Matthew Coggins won 182-106 over David Bathrick; Ward 3, Pos. 1, Mark Gordon beat Tracie Moore 178-109, Ward 3, Pos. 2, Sue Taylor won 158-131 over Raymond Hicks. City of Highland, Russell Truitt won the Mayor’s race over Timothy G. Eash, 220-158; Alderman: Ward 3, Pos. 1, Steven Rose beat Johnny Ivey 251-122.
Federal and State office results: U.S. Congress, District 1, Congressman Rick Crawford won with 69.83%; Gov. Asa Hutchinson won with 65.49%; Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin won with 64.36%; Atty. Gen. Leslie Rutledge won with 61.97%; Secretary of State, John Thurston won with 60.82%; State Treasurer Dennis Milligan won with 71.02%; Auditor of State Andrea Lea won with 72.47%; Commissioner of State Lands, Tommy Land won with 60.23%; State Senate District 19, James Sturch won with 72.90%; State Representative District 61, Marsh Davis won with 50.63%; State Supreme Court Associate Justice Pos. 3 Courtney Goodson won with 55.60%.
Issue No. 2 requiring photo ID to vote, Issue No. 4 Arkansas casino gaming, and Issue No. 5 increasing the Arkansas minimum wage, all passed.

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