Abbreviations = bf: Bond Forfeiture; FTA: Failure to Appear; BAC: Breathalyzer Test; gt: Guilty/Timepay, ng: not guilty; NP: nolle pros; VAHCL: Violation of the Arkansas Hot Check Law.
Anderson, Randy, littering on public property, gt.
Casey, Melissa, failure to pay/show cause, cont. July 10.
Eaton, JaNae, drinking in public, gt; domestic battery 3rd, gt.
Freeman, Jeff, no proof of insurance, guilty.
Goforth, Paul Jr., discharge firearm in city limit, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, cont. Sept. 4.
Harris, Jhondell, no proof of insurance, failure to pay vehicle registration, fictitious tags, dismissed.
Harrington, John, domestic battery 3rd, cont. July 10.
Johnson, Jonathan, driver’s license suspended, gt; domestic battery 3rd, np.
Johnston, Sharleen, unlawful dog attack, np, restitution.
Jones, Donald, no proof of insurance, dismissed.
Kitts, William, failure to appear, failure to pay, dismissed.
Knighten, Jessica, failure to pay fines, bf.
Lubelski, Natasha, leaving scene of accident, cont. Aug. 7.
Margerum, Larry, no driver’s license, cont. July 10.
McFarland, Christopher, harassing comm., np.
Mero, Rusty, battery 3rd, cont. Oct. 9.
Milsap, Anthony, theft by receiving, bf.
Montes-Rubio, Crystal, failure to appear, contempt of court, failure to pay fines, time served.
Pillow, Lance, maintenance of real property, cont. July 10; unlawful burning, bf.
Smith, Memory, terroristic threatening, FTA.
Sourwine, Michael, theft of property, cont. July 10.
Sparks, Leonard, driver’s license suspended, failure to pay fine, dismissed.
Steward, Jennifer, filing false report, cont. July 10.
Stroud, Alan, unsightly conditions, cont. July 10.
Taylor Jones, Laci, FTA x2, failure to pay, time served.
Vincent, Dyre, theft of property, cont. July 10.
Williams, Kimberly, no proof of insurance, failure to pay registration, over 60 days, gt.
Williamson, George III, domestic battery 3rd, np.

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