Mayor Bob Barnes called the regular meeting of the Horseshoe Bend City Council to order at 6 p.m. on Oct. 22.
Present were Alderman Luther Yancey, Teresa Orrick, Jeanette Hilliker, Tom Richardson, Marty McKnight, Sonny Minze, John Grochowski and Ron Yow, Recorder/Treasurer Michelle Grabowski and City Attorney Jim Short.
The reading of the minutes were waived by prior council action, Yow moved to approve September 2018 minutes and treasurer’s report, seconded by Richardson. Motion passed unanimously. The minutes are available for inspection in the office of the Recorder/Treasurer during normal business hours, and the treasurer’s report has been posted on the bulletin board for public inspection.
Regular Committee Reports were received from the Public Works Department, Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department, Airport Commission, MSID, CSID, MRID, Code Enforcement, Honorary Police, Board of Zoning and Adjustment, Planning Commission, Building Committee, Finance Committee, Animal Control, Recycling Center, and the Library.
New Business: Barnes entertained a motion to approve Resolution 2018-08, Certifying the 2017 Millage Rates. Yow so moved, seconded by Minze. Motion passed unanimously by roll call vote.
Announcements: Voting in the General Election will be held at City Hall. Early Voting is on Friday, Nov. 2, and the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.
The next finance committee meeting is scheduled for Nov. 14, and the next city council meeting is scheduled for Nov. 26, at 6 p.m.

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