by Karen Sherrell
Izard County Officer Cody Cruse was dispatched to Calico Rock on August 21, then again the following day, in response to a woman claiming her vehicle had been shot at.
Willa Lester, of Calico Rock, stated she was following a vehicle on Hwy. 56, going approximately 20 miles per hour near the intersection of Red Lane, when she heard a loud noise and her vehicle was hit.
“I heard a loud pop on my windshield and then saw a crack in my windshield,” Lester wrote on a statement form to the sheriff’s office. Lester’s children stated it looked like the vehicle had been shot with a shotgun. According to his incident report, Cruse stated that the chip may have been caused by a rock, with two small chips on the window.
Family members discovered other damage on the 2011 Nissan Altima, and Lester contacted the sheriff’s office again that same day. Cruse made arrangements to come back the next day to look at the vehicle. Additional damage was discovered on the driver side of the hood, consisting of deep scratches. Cruse’s report states, “It did indeed look like the vehicle was shot with some kind of object but was unsure with what.” Another set of scratches was located in the center of the hood close to the front windshield. Cruse took additional photos at that time.
Lester, at the time of the incident, was able to write down the license plate of the vehicle she was following, hoping they too may have some information about the incident.

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