Several reports have been received by the Izard County Sheriff’s Office concerning missing dogs.
On Saturday, November 16, a Horseshoe Bend resident reported seeing a man in her yard, taking her two Shelties off their chains, and putting leashes on them. The resident confronted the man, who was wearing a blue sweatshirt lettered “Animal Control” and asked him what he was doing. The man responded he was with the Animal Control, to which the resident said she knew the animal control officer. The resident stated the man then became nervous and left.
The man, estimated in his 50’s, was about 5’6” tall, was wearing a white ball cap and driving a newer model Chevrolet pickup truck with a homemade wire cage in the back, and no license plate.
Anyone knowing any information about this individual or anything about the truck is asked to call Lt. Charlie Melton at 870-368-4203.

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