The Horseshoe Bend City Council will meet Monday, July 22 to discuss the possible acquisition of the city’s police department by the Izard County Sheriff’s Department.
A contract was discussed at a prior meeting held Monday, July 8, with over 100 people attending. “It is my responsibility to look out for the welfare of the city of Horseshoe Bend,” said Mayor Bob Barnes at that meeting. The proposal will cost the city $240,000 annually, an estimated savings to the city of $65,000, for 24/7 coverage. If the resolution is passed, the county will take over all assets of the city police department, and be housed in the current police offices.
“I think we are making a big mistake,” stated Alderman James Davis. Three of the city’s aldermen voted against further discussion of the contract.
The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. at city hall council chambers.

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