Jody Hall was arrested for allegedly placing a bomb in a mailbox in south Fulton County.

On September 27 at approximately 9:30 p.m., a bomb exploded in a mail box on Harmony Hill Road, south of Salem. The blast was heard for six miles away. According to Fulton County Sheriff Buck Foley, Jody Hall, a 51 year old of Salem was developed as a suspect in the bombing.
On October 2, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department received a call from a Special Agent with the United States Postal Service that he was at the scene of the bombing on Harmony Hill Road and that Hall had just shown up at the address. Foley and Chief Deputy Al Roork stopped Hall in a traffic stop on Wheeling Road near that location and arrested Hall for DWI. A semiautomatic handgun was taken from Hall’s person during the arrest.
On October 3, The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, ATF, United States Postal Inspectors Service, Arkansas State Police, 16th Judicial Drug Task Force, and the Salem Police, executed a search warrant of Hall’s property located at 746 Fairview Road in Salem.
Hall has been charged with two counts of Criminal Use of a Prohibited Weapon, a Class “B” Felony, 31 counts of Criminal Acts Involving Explosives, a Class “B” Felony, and one count of Driving While Intoxicated, a unclassified Misdemeanor.
Hall’s bond has been set at $500,000 cash only. He is incarcerated at the Fulton County Jail.

Brandi Leigh Holt, 26, of Violet Hill was arrested September 7 and charged with Delivery of Methamphetamine and Delivery of a Controlled Substance near a public park in Izard County.
Holt is accused of selling methamphetamine, during a controlled buy at the Oxford City Park.
Holt is facing similar charges out of Fulton County and is being held in the Izard County Detention Facility with bond amounts of $10,000 for Izard County and $10,000 for Fulton County. The arrest was a cooperative effort between the Izard County Sheriff’s Department and the 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force.

A man arrested August 13 for threatening a local school has posted bond and been released from jail last Thursday.
Jacob Morley, 22, of Salem was arrested for Falsely Communicating a Terrorist Threat against Salem High School.
Morley, a National Guardsman, allegedly told fellow soldiers that he would target Salem High School, killing as many students as possible to make the teachers suffer, if he decided to commit suicide sometime within the next five years.
Morley’s bond was reduced from $500,000 to $100,000, and he was released from the Izard County Jail on September 13.

On Sunday, September 2, the Horseshoe Bend Police Department, received a call reporting a possible death on Clarke Lane in Horseshoe Bend.
Sgt. Sonny Gerringer arrived on the scene at 8:14 a.m., and identified the deceased as Nicholas A. Bailey, age 32, of Franklin.
Izard County Coroner Eddie Howard pronounced Bailey dead on arrival. His body has been sent to the Crime Lab in Little Rock. There is no reported cause of death as of Monday, Sept. 10 according to Police Chief Fred Mitchell. Reports of Bailey’s involvement in an altercation at a local night club the evening before his death are currently under investigation.

On August 15, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office received reports of four separate structure fires and one hay fire. On August 16, another structure fire was reported to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The fires appeared to be set using a substance.
Sharon Maguffee, 64, of Salem was arrested August 16, and charged with Arson (four counts) and Reckless Burning. Each Arson count and the count of Reckless Burning is a Class D Felony.
Maguffee admitted to having set structure and hay fires on August 15 as well as a structure fire on August 16. She was released from Izard County Jail on August 21 on $10,000 bond.
Special Agent Todd Shaw was the investigating officer.

Jacob Morley, age 22 of Salem was arrested on August 13 for Falsely Communicating a Terrorist Threat. Morley is being held in Izard County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bond. Morley had threatened to commit a terroristic act at Salem High School earlier this month.

Jacob Morley, a National Guardsman, allegedly told two fellow soldiers that he would target Salem High School, killing as many students as possible to see how the soldiers would react.

They were attending a National Guard military drill at the  Mountain Home Armory on the weekend of August 4, when Morley made the threat. The soldiers reacted. Law enforcement agencies are taking the threat seriously.

According to reports, the affidavit submitted by Special Agent Todd Shaw with the Arkansas State Police, includes the following information:
“While at the Armory, Morley engaged in a conversation with two other soldiers in which he stated that, if he decided to commit suicide sometime within the next five years, he would go to the Salem, AR. High School and shoot as many students as possible. Morley commented that he would do so to make the teachers suffer and have to live with what had happened. The soldiers whom Morley made the statement were interviewed and state that the statement was not made jokingly, and that Morley appeared very serious at the time he made the statement. Morley was confronted about the statement by his commanding officers and admitted having made it. Furthermore, Morley has stated that he had found a place on the Internet from which he could order “booby traps”, and has attempted to negotiate the purchase of firearms from other soldiers assigned to his National Guard Unit.”

Jacob S. Morley, 22, was arrested August 14 and is being held at the Izard County Jail on lockdown without bond, after a week-long investigation by Arkansas State Police and local law enforcement.

Morley is being charged with Falsely Communicating a Terrorist Threat, which is a Class B Felony. It is a crime that occurs under the law, when “the person knowingly makes a threat to commit or cause to be committed a terrorist act, or otherwise creates the impression or belief that a terrorist act is about to be or has been committed, or in any manner knowingly makes a threat to commit or cause to be committed a catastrophe…that the person knows to be false.”
Salem High School Principal Wayne Guiltner stated Morley was a 2009 graduate of SHS.

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