According to the Arkansas Forestry Commission, as of Friday, October 13, Arkansas has 30 counties under County Judge issued burn bans. Local counties included in the burn bans are Fulton and Sharp. You can report wildfires to the Arkansas Forestry Commission by calling 800-468-8834.
For those counties that are not currently under a burn ban, consider these safe burning tips:
* Always check the weather. Avoid outdoor burning when humidity is below 35%, if wind is blowing more than five miles per hour, and when vegetation is very dry.
* Never leave a fire unattended; always plan to stay with your burn throughout the duration of live flames. Never leave until all flames have been suppressed inside stumps and snags.
* Have a water source located nearby.
*Burn in an area located away from homes, vehicles, decks, nearby trees and overhanging branches, leaf litter, trash and other flammable vegetation or materials that you do not intend to burn.
* Keep your flames short and low to the ground. Check for shifts in wind direction and intensity.
* Avoid burning when large groups may be outside, including weekends and during outdoor events.

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