SHARP COUNTY — An Ash Flat pharmacy was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday, November 27, and the suspect has not been apprehended as of Monday, December 5.
At approximately 5 p.m., a man wearing a camouflage face mask, straw hat, and grey jacket, entered the Ash Flat Pharmacy located on Hwy. 167/62/412 at the traffic light.
According to Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts, the man was armed with a handgun and asked for prescription medications. The pharmacist gave the man several bottles of prescription medications, at which time he left the pharmacy and fled south on Hwy. 167 in a small white four door car.
A witness may have encountered the suspect prior to the robbery, in an adjacent Citgo parking lot. Gina Moore told Pacesetting Times that she was in that parking lot when a vehicle, matching the description of the suspect’s, pulled up behind her vehicle, and the driver asked her directions to the pharmacy. The driver is described as having blue eyes, short hair, in his late 40s. “I thought it was weird because everyone knows where that pharmacy is,” said Moore. She then thought the person might not be from this area, and had visited the local emergency room. “I gave him directions, and he said ‘thank you’,” said Moore.
“I went to Walmart after that to run an errand, and when I left and drove by the pharmacy, I saw all the cops there,” said Moore. Officers spoke with Moore and showed her a photo for possible identification of the man she had given directions to. Her description of his vehicle was similar to the description given to officers by the witnesses at the pharmacy.
Anyone having any information regarding this investigation is asked to contact the Ash Flat Police Department or the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office at 870-994-2211.

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