Act 560 of 2015 amended Arkansas laws pertaining to the Public School Choice Act. Act 560 of 2015 went into effect on March 20.
The Act now states that parents must submit school choice applications to the nonresident district by May 1, and the nonresident district shall notify the resident district of the filing of the application.
Under the former school choice law, applications were due by June 1 and parents had the responsibility of providing copies of the application to both the nonresident and resident districts.
The Superintendent of the nonresident district shall notify the parent and resident district in writing as to whether the student’s application has been accepted or rejected on or prior to July 1.
Under the former school choice law, a nonresident school district had to make a determination regarding whether to accept or deny a school choice application by August 1.
You can pick up School Choice Application forms from your schools Superintendent Office, or by printing one offline at

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