The 28th Annual Buddy Bass Tournament on April 21 will benefit the Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals. Held on 640 acre Crown Lake in Horseshoe Bend, the tournament is being presented by Box Hound Marina, Resort, and R.V. Park. Box Hound Marina will be the headquarters and host for the event. The tournament hours are from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.; gates open at 5 a.m. Entry fees will be $60 per boat (two person maximum in boat). There will be an optional Big Bass entry of $10 per person. Drawings for door prizes are held after the official weigh in. All proceeds from the entries will be donated to Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals.
Starting as the Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animal Control in 1994, and evolving to the Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals in 2010 to expand assistance efforts, this group of dedicated volunteers has assisted hundreds of dogs and cats in Horseshoe Bend. This non-profit 501c3 organization supports animals and their owners in many ways. They provide spay/neuter vouchers for animals being cared for by Horseshoe Bend citizens.
They also assist the Horseshoe Bend Animal Control Center in providing food, medicine, supplies, and transportation to the dogs and cats being held at the Center. The entire cost of vetting and spay/neutering of each animal that is adopted from the Center is paid for by the Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals.
For more information regarding Friends of Horseshoe Bend Animals visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at
The Annual Buddy Bass Tournament began 27 years ago upon the request of local fishermen and was then known as the Dogwood Days Buddy Bass Tournament. The tournament has consistently grown with six boats showing up that first year to an average of about 35 boats and is run with less formality than most big league tournaments. One of the main differences is that the take off is done by drawing numbers versus the date the entries were received. Many of the years have seen pontoon boats mixed in with the decked out bass boats. Contestants are mainly Arkansas and Missouri residents.
Presenter and Host, Box Hound Marina, Resort and R.V. Park 870-670-4496 is a full-service marina, resort, and R.V. Park located on spectacular Crown Lake in North-Central Arkansas. In addition to some of the finest bass fishing in Arkansas, there are endless water sports to enjoy including pontoon boats, swimming, or just relaxing outside the resort’s cabins or R.V. Park. Box Hound is truly a natural jewel nestled in the boot heel of the Arkansas Ozarks. The owners have created a very relaxing and family oriented resort which is unparalleled anywhere. If you are looking for a quiet, beautiful, and non-pressured place in which to relax, visit Crown Lake and experience Box Hound.

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