by Karen Sherrell

Flags fly at half mast all across the nation.

Flags fly at half mast all across the nation.

A massacre of 20 elementary students, and seven adults in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday,  December 14, has left the nation and local communities in a state of shock and sadness.
The horrific act of one gunman on these small children, has stunned school officials, parents and students, and sparked an evaluation of safety plans at schools nationwide.
Locally, ICC schools are re-evaluating their crisis plans and doing what they can to help children through this terrible time.
Fred Walker, superintendent of ICC Schools said their administration is reviewing their crisis plan, looking to see if they can do anything different than what is in place, following the shooting in Connecticut. “This is devastating to everyone,” said Walker. “I can’t imagine how those parents are dealing with that.” ICC is the only area school that has a full time resource officer at the Middle School/High School. “I’ve had our resource officer at the elementary school every day this week to make the children feel safer,” said Walker. The officer has split his routine between the elementary and high school. School dismissed for the holiday break on Thursday, December 21 and will resume on January 2.
Parents may be fearful about sending children to school, and children who know about the shootings in Connecticut may also be apprehensive.

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